hard to be..

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

You’ve heard the story you know how it goes
Once upon a garden we were lovers with no clothes
Fresh from the soil we were beautiful and true
In control of our emotions to till we ate the poison fruit

And now its…

Hard to be
Hard to be
Hard to be
A decent human being

Wait just a minute
You expect me to believe
that all this misbehaving grew from one enchanted tree
And helpless to fight it we should all be satisfied
WIth the magical explanation for why the living die

And why it’s…


Childbirth is painful toil to grow our food
Ignorance made us hungry
Information made us no goo
Every burden misunderstood

I swung my tassel to the left side of my cap
Knowing after graduation there would be no going back
and no congratulations from my faithful family
some of whom are already fasting to intercede for me

Because it’s…



david bazan, hard to be, from curse your branches.

  1. Michael says:

    If you’re not familiar with his backlog of music, get the following (all under the name Pedro the Lion)

    It’s Hard to Find a Friend
    The Only Reason I Feel Secure EP
    Achilles Heel

    He has more, but these are musts.

    • suz says:

      aight. did you hear the solo albums? or the album as ‘headphones’? you should listen to them if not. currently my favourite things to listen to. i even talked excitedly about them in the last letter i sent you. which you may get some time in your life, hopefully. :)

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