Posted: March 13, 2011 in lent, life
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so i said i was going to tell you guys about my lenten disciplines a wee while ago, and now, well lent started four days ago, but i haven’t been online recently.

so. threefold:

take on the daniel fast (alongside Winnie and Jesus) as a way of being conscious of what i put in my body physically.

spend some time, 30 minutes-an hour every day with some solitude and a chance to pray and be with God, reminding me how i nourish myself spiritually.

take two pictures every day- one of myself, and one of the world around me, so i am conscious of who i am and the place i take up in this world.

to that end, i have been taking a lot of pictures, though perhaps not as intentionally as i hope to be doing from now on.

i don’t think i’ll be on here daily, but at least weekly to let you all see what’s going on.

so, week one:

day 2

day 3

(ok, i didn’t take this one, but i just realised that it’s the only one i have for friday…)

day 4

day 5


  1. Michael says:

    Some surprisingly consistent motives between you and I this year.

  2. suz says:

    i know. strange how that happens.

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