any old lie will do

Posted: April 5, 2011 in lent
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‘how did we hang out before tv?’ was the flip statement made by kristin this evening. all three of us (k, jesus, me) were on the couch, watching some raising hope and traffic light, with frequent interruptions from the dogs who persist in believing that they are lap dogs, though we try and persuade them otherwise.

even in the intern house, we now have a tv. it only works with dvds, and has no actual tv on it, but there’s enough distraction already in that. i’m really enjoying the little bit of time i spend every day walking the dogs to the park and wailin’ out on them with tennis bals and a racquet. they love love love chasing after balls until they’re tired enough not to want to give the balls back. maybe my memory is skewed over time, but i’m pretty sure they get tired faster than my old dog, midge, did. but then she was a crazy border collie, these are crazy golden retrievers, so.

we had a visit from the philadelphia zoo on wheels today. it was really interesting. we met some endangered animals. i don’t think i was in a particularly good photo taking place today, i managed to get so many blurry shots and all of them pretty boring, so i’m sorry. nut maybe that’s just me.

i’m not doing super well with the daily bible reading thing. i may need to challenge myself again on that.


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