…but i’m stuck in colder weather

Posted: April 10, 2011 in lent

love a little bit of zac brown band.

so friday was march madness, when we took a bunch of kids from each of the older camps to rutgers gym and played a lot of three on three basketball. and eventually some people won.

yesterday we added a third dog to the menagerie. carter is the oldest dog of the trio, and he had been looked after by another urban friend, but as she was going to be away all of today, we got him back. and the boys went crazy. they were overjoyed to have him back and spent the entire night licking his face and butt and whatever. it was a little perturbing, mostly because we got the impression that the dogs thought that carter had died or something (he’s definitely getting close to that) and so they’re going crazy trying to look after him. today though, they decided they don’t need to eat. hopefully they’ll figure out where the food is and when they’re hungry enough, they’ll eat.

the joy that they had to see each other again.

i didn’t get any pictures of all the festivities though, i was trapped in the couch….

one of my favourite pictures in the house. :)

  1. Michael says:

    Funny, that’s how I spend time with my friends after prolonged absences too.

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