ain’t nobody lookin at camden

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

as my roommate so succinctly put it. trying to find a really good skyline silhouette of camden for t-shirts that she’s designing for the interns this summer. it’s hard, every picture is from camden across the water…

anyway. it’s been silent here for a while. somewhat because i’ve not been motivated, but also because i’ve been super busy. we finish up (as those of you who also get the newsletter should be aware)  on tuesday…. really! tuesday! not even a week away!

but even so, right now i do not have the motivation to write a long post. so here are a few highlights in picture form…

so i spent some time at BoatWorks, as is usual…

and then we had our awards banquet for the kids who had done the best in camp this year… 

one saturday we went strawberry picking… and i got some rhubarb… and made scones… and muffins… it was a good day. 

we’ve been putting in some serious work on this mural project… it’s gonna be spectacular. 

Dacia hosted the final open mic of the year… and i was privileged to paint for her.. this is what came out, the colours aren’t quite true, because the light was pretty bad, but it’s a good idea of what i painted. Braheem took it home. :) 

    • suz says:

      yeap, the eastside building is getting a face lift. i’ll be working on it a lot next week, so you’ll see lots more pictures of it in progress then. the design is on the front page of the up website though… :)

  1. Chris Kyle says:

    Suzi. This is Chris from Seattle.

    I’m loving these pictures. And those girls at boatworks – thug. I sure hope that boat is the same one I helped work on with them a couple months back.

    Hope you’re doing well!

    • suz says:

      i’m sure (i know!) they’re the same boats- the picture is of the kayak that the advanced build are working on, it’s looking pretty awesome. glad you like the pictures, drop by whenever- there are usually new pictures of life here… :)

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