every stranger and drifter

Posted: June 11, 2011 in life

well, i moved house today. it’s been a pretty busy and slightly crazy few weeks since i finished up as an intern… worked a couple days on the mural project, then worked a lot on some development projections. i made a video in 26 hours. (the soundtrack uploaded a little weird on youtube and i didn’t fix it yet, but i will.) and i did some prep for senior graduation. and then i helped work the wine tasting thursday night.

friday morning, my room mate woke up with severe burning pain and vomiting- this is the day she’s supposed to fly back across the country- and we- she, i and jesus- end up in urgent care, then an ambulance to er, where we discover she has gall stones and needs an operation… which was this morning. and then i moved house. and tomorrow she gets out.

so, needless to say, not quite the transition i was thinking it was gonna be. i’m still waiting to hear about this visa extension, and if i have a job… but that can wait, at least a minute or two.

so for now. here’s that video. and some pictures.



  1. Reenie says:

    the mural is looking GOOOD
    and the video is good too – that little kid is VERY cute!!

  2. Zier says:

    When did that happen to Rosedale?

    Also, you’re living with Lizzie?

    Also, she had gall stones?

    Apparently a year takes one out of the loop.

    • suz says:

      woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooah, there buddy! no, i don’t live with lizzie, though that would have been awesome, but neither of us can quite commute across the bridge every day right now… :)
      no, Dacia, one of the year interns had gall stones. and now she’s at the tuttle’s recovering a little. and might get to go back to cali on friday or so…

      the mural started a couple months ago.

      ps- i just had a letter that i sent you be returned to me, so i’ll repost it. also, don’t send me mail at the camden address anymore, i’ll email you the new address…

  3. kelscaleb says:

    ummm, hello cutest kids in the entire world! and seriously, that MURAL ROCKS. so amazing. huge hug from kels!

  4. debbie says:

    good job on the vid friendy wendy x

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