trees made of brass

Posted: August 14, 2011 in life
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well, this week was a long week. i spent a lot of it not sleeping, and not at home. we had all camp day at urban promise, which is a huge deal for all the summer camps, the culmination of all their hard work all summer long. albert roped me into helping spirit make their mascots (plural!) and josh asked me to direct the all camp day skit-featuring my roommates and fellow circle of hopers as shrek, donkey and lord farquaad. it was awesome. but then i was exhausted, and made no sense for the rest of thursday.

so, there was all of that. and there was also a job interview. (which went well, i think. we’ll find out monday or tuesday how well it went.) and there were new roommates. and there was cell. and there was a friend returning from sweden. and there were visitors. and it was altogether a pretty overwhelming week.

but delightful.

and so today, on this rainy sunday morning, when i should be working, but am not, i’m just going to sit, and rest and enjoy being.

*i’m not here. i maybe would like to be. beaches are great. i also just really like being right here.




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