and the PaddleWorks saga begins…

Posted: August 16, 2011 in life
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so, we were talking to a workgroup yesterday about BoatWorks and i needed (of course) a video for the event.

which i had about three weeks notice of.

but made it in less than three days.

and here it is: not perfect, but pretty dang good.

  1. Michael says:


    You may not be satisfied with this video, but for someone who has been out of the states for a year, I can say that this makes all the pulses in my heart beat with fondness. Herein is the embodiment of my desires.

    Soon… I’m coming back soon.

    • suz says:

      good, glad to hear it. looks like i’ll still be here when you get back- which is weird.

      i’m glad you enjoyed it. i’m pretty proud of it for having made it in a day. (see these mad skills?!)

  2. cupcake, this is tremendous! Loving your accent too x

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