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Posted: June 24, 2012 in life, love
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couple of really really awesome things that are making my life delightful right now…

-just finished up a week long training with Yes! And… Collaborative Arts. i cannot say enough good things about these people. it’s been a couple of years since i graduated uni, and since i’ve been around people who have a belief in and articulated ideas of using the arts in education. even just using the arts with kids in an integrated way. i had a week off beforehand, which was good, but i finished it still a little tired and bleh… a week with YesAnd and i was physically and mentally and emotionally exhausted, but more rejuvenated that i’ve felt in a long time. SO GREAT! (and now comes the beautiful challenge of integrating some of the things i’ve been learning into what program currently looks like.)

-jordan turned 25 on friday so we took some of the kids out to eat at friendlys, in the middle of the most glorious thuderstorm ever.

-Stornaway’s self titled album. just great.

-this video and this one

-reading book #10 of 13 in a series called ‘the wheel of time’. it’s a serious commitment, folks.

-being challenged by the thoughts expressed in “Pursuing Christ, Creating Art”. emmsy did a great job talking about some of these themes. it’s a dialogue in’m really interested in, especially as i, personally, feel like i cover a number of different artistic arenas- both the creation of art for a worship experience, and the facilitation of art for the enjoyment, experience, empowerment of those around me. and within that there are more tie-ins and different paths. so being challenged within all of that to see what it is that God is saying.. well. more things to think about.

-dinner last night was delicious. Britani and i went out and picked up some ingredients, (and an outfit for a skit i’m taking part in next week) and then wen our separate ways for a couple of hours (ostensibly to do some work… huh.) before meeting up to grill some delicious kebabs, eat coleslaw, grilled corn, grilled pineapple and drink wine.  it took a long time. we ate in courses, coleslaw and kebabs (chicken marinated in honey, yoghurt, lemon, lime and habanero, with veggies lightly tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper.) then corn, then, later, grilled pineapple. lingering over the delicious different flavours (Kohlrabi, celeriac, carrot, spring onion and raisin coleslaw) and taking our time over conversation… it was so great.


  1. Michael says:

    Wheel of Time, eh? That takes me back to high school. Pretty sure everyone dies in the end. Spoiler! Wait… am I supposed to write spoiler first?

    • suz says:

      haha. most people die at some point. i’m also pretty sure that the author dies before he officially finishes them, so there’s a helpful buddy writer finishing them up from his notes.
      thats a pretty great part of life right now, but not quite as good as our birthday trifecta last night. that was great.

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