Posted: December 5, 2012 in life
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well friends, i feel like it has been a long, long time since i posted anything of worth here.

and i’m certainly not going to claim that this will be ‘of worth’, but it might be interesting to the few of you who follow along here.

yesterday was a beast of a day, between unexpected teacher cancellations, the rising tide of people feeling frustrated and mis-used, and my kids uncanny ability to know when my last nerve is about to snap and to play on that… but then… it ended up a lot better. a few unexpected and sweet messages, dinner being ready when i got home, ice cream and roof chatting times.

this seems to be something of a pattern with me- things are evening out. i’m developing some routines, managing to start being more deliberate about how and where i invest my time and energy, and i think it’s a really great thing.

i start the visa application process this week, hopefully getting a consult with a lawyer soon to see how exactly this might go down.

(i started writing this, and then called my garage to find out if i can bring clancy in to get his exhaust leak fixed and they said yes! within the next hour. so now i have to go take my car to get fixed. no more boy racer noises for clance!)



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