Posted: January 1, 2013 in life

i plan to double post this. here and over at our new goals blog . because this is really about that.

this year, 2013, is going to be the year that i do some shit. namely these three things:

-take a picture a day

-buy no new clothes

-eat no meat

amongst other things. but those three i needed to state upfront. i plan to post a weekly round up of pictures (should probably reactivate that flickr account) and as to the others? if there are stories, i shall endeavor to tell them.

i think that’s enough for now. i’m sure i’ll be back shortly.

  1. ziermichael says:


    You got a camera for that? (also… I’m meatless thus far as well; who knows how long I’ll keep it up, but I thought it would be fun to start alongside of you).

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