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Posted: January 13, 2013 in life
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this year is going to be interesting. all of the things that i’m challenging myself to do are pretty simple. don’t really require too much more of me than what i regularly do. i don’t eat that much meat (my family might disagree, but they caught me at the end of the year, and meat is expensive, so if someone else is paying for dinner.. heck yes, i’ll have ribs. ;) but normally?) and so apart from figuring out how to do that in community…

a short aside. because i live with boys (and very particular boys. midwest.), i’m ready to have a lot of extra grace for myself and them in regards to this whole no meat for a year deal. like this morning, we had a potato and sausage hash for breakfast. so i ate around the sausage and gave it away at the end. i’m not ready to damage my community for the sake of something that i’m personally challenging myself to do. they already have to make things gluten-free for me.

so, yes. mindfulness. that’s the name of the game here. i’m remembering to get out my phone (for now. i will get my camera fixed. i promise.) every day and take a shot of something that interests me. something that is intriguing, or whimsical, or just life. so we run the gamut from my kids feet, to the salad i ate after i cleaned my office, to the ingredients list on the goldfish i gave my kids for snack.

i’m also remembering the consumerism will consume me if i let it. i do not need new clothes, or nail polish, or glasses shaped cookie cutters (but Kristin decided that actually i did and so she bought them for me. mostly because i let her borrow clancy a lot.) what i need, rather, is people. companionship, conversation, silliness and lots of tea. i’m still just a little bit sick, and although this week was really good, it was also exhausting. but there were a lot of people in it. i got to see friends old and new friday night and saturday. today i might be peopled out, but it’s a good feeling. i also got to listen to a lot of the weepies. this is an excellent thing.

so, here’s the link to the images from this project.

questions, comments, thoughts?

  1. ziermichael says:

    Also exhausted after the few days and wondering why I do things like other people when I’m often not like other people.

    Let’s do breakfast some day.

  2. suz says:

    ha! you’re funny. yes, sounds like a good idea. let me know when works for you.

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