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Posted: January 30, 2013 in life
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i’m sitting in the treehouse, listening to Bloc Party (who i love, but it took a while. i begrudged their popularity at school, so it wasn’t til later that i actually gave them a chance. story of my life.) and trying to figure out where to take cell groups/bible buddies for my girls this year. they’re bored, and they don’t want to talk about bible stories. they want to talk about life. and i’m honoured that they want to talk about life with me, so i’m trying to do it well.

i’m revisiting all my old school texts to figure out how to create the right atmosphere. bringing some bits of the work we did in Maryhill in, figuring out what the boundaries need to be, and how not to be a pushover.

and the topics are so varied- everything from family, fake friends and food, to social media and (because no-one wants to say it, but it’s the sub text of every conversation) sex. it’s a confusing time to be 12, 13 and 14, and my girls already know so much, and are so self-conscious, but exude this ‘i am the master of this universe, nothing you say can touch me’ stand-offishness that being given this chance… phew.

i need to remember to be intentional and deliberate with them, and give them time and space. and when they ask to talk, to take the time to talk to them.

that’s a lot.

my house is shifting again too, matt moves out next month, back to north carolina, so it’ll be rob, jordan and i again. i’m full of mixed feeings about that, but i’m mostly excited. we have a friend who might move in in june, and another friend who’s looking to be in the area starting august.

all of that puts more pressure on my thoughts about visas and where i want to be. long-long term, i have no idea. for this time? here. i’m settling, and i’m learning about how to do this work well, and i want to continue. i choose to stay here. so i’m working on that. it’s hard to choose, because it still might not be the way things work out. my visa application might be declined. but whatever happens, at least i chose.

anyway. back to work.


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