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Posted: February 24, 2013 in life
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well, friends.

this last week i had the luxury of some time off. a whole week.

so i went to the poconos. for a couple of days, which was beautiful. it had snowed, i got to take walks, play clue and life with tony and gretchen, go see a movie in a ‘dine-in’ (bah! all you could order was ..withfries and they gave you a number that they called out in the theatre. it was nothing if not an experience.) theatre. at least the film was funny. (identity thief. does what it says on the tin.)

the house i was staying at belongs to a donor, and they opened it up for us. so there were a bunch of different urban folk throughout the week. it was really nice. quiet, peaceful, i read a lot, knit, made a shirt for a friend and made lots of delicious food. mostly the same things over and over- quinoa, roasted brussels and sweet potato, sauteed spinach and beet greens. or french toast and berries and yoghurt. that was pretty much all i ate and it was delicious.

on the way home, i decided to explore a little, so i took a detour, just followed the road and saw where it took me… which was to an antiques mall. where i spent two hours, and bought a jar of buttons, a mug with a bear on it, and an old jam jar. it was a better haul that it might sound. i was pretty pleased.

i ended up at a creek, called mcmichaels creek, for a while, sitting and looking and thinking. remembering that peace, and quiet and solitude can be found everywhere and that i need to partake of those things once in a while.

i got back to the area in time for a yoga class, probably a pretty much perfect end to a great getaway.

now, i get to head back to work, refreshed, at least a litle. ready, i think, to tackle the challenges of the rest of the year.

and i’m watching when harry met sally. it’s been too long.

  1. Sounds wonderful Suz – so glad you had that time and some stillness. And I love the look of your bear mug! I don’t even know where the poconos are, but I shall go look at a map =o)

    • suz says:

      they’re in PA, kinda west of philly. i wasn’t very sure either… but i followed the directions… haha. yeah, the bear is super cute. i should add some pictures to this post probably… oh well. :)

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