i wish that i could reach right out and touch you

Posted: February 28, 2013 in life
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things that are interesting:

this pottery studio in Philadelphia : object&totem

this cartoon: an invisible crown


i’m listening to camera obscura radio on spotify, it has the perfect blend of light hearted pop-yness, and quieter indie tracks. also it’s full of scottish artists. so that’s really nice. and probably why britani got a bunch of stories this morning where everyone was an old scottish man.

its almost the end of the first week of program. we have four, maybe five weeks until we go on spring break… and we have about $7000 to raise in that time. (well, we can keep raising it after the trip. it just all has to come in…)

we’re planning an epic trip, one that hopefully involves kraken, giant pandas and observatories…

today though, i have to be ready for my girls. it’s cell group time. we’re going to talk about family. what is it, what does it mean, what does it look like, and how do we deal with it not being what we want…

i’m not sure how it’s going to pan out. i hope i can guide our conversation in healthy and helpful avenues. we’ll see what happens.

in other news, kids are so desperate to earn stars (toward spring break) that they’re cleaning our building. which is perfect, because we have to get out of it pretty soon. and there’s a lot of stuff lying around everywhere. i can’t wait until the renovations are done. proposed dates are starting in march, finishing in october.

and my visa expires in september. whew.

life just keeps rolling.


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