knowing and being known.

Posted: July 22, 2013 in Uncategorized



it’s a tricky dance that we do, between revealing everything, and knowing nothing. i’ve found myself in the place of being around people who want to know me, and are willing to let themselves be known.

i’m so tired, of being misunderstood, or being half-known, of trying to use words to communicate a truth that is deeper than words can get. i’m tired of trying to love kids and people who don’t understand that love has boundaries, that unconditional love isn’t the freedom to do whatever the .. you want. i’m so tired of having an unending argument about what is ‘fair’. life. is. not. fair.

oh. there are many joys and frustrations in this life, and today is one of those days where the frustrations are outweighing the joys. i’m having a hard time seeing through them, at any rate. so.

i just read this poem, and i liked it. so i’m going to post it here. (it’s from here)

Bending Toward a Rightness

I’ve become too old for
bullshit fantasies of invincibility.
At any time God may dispatch
an angel to bind my tongue
or allow evil to scour all I cherish.
Those things have not happened to me
but other things have.
Has my age made me brave or empty?
A number of my peers have recanted,
found God just too wild.
Oh they still rise to say the creeds but
there is no blood in their mouths.
I expected by now to learn the language of God
but I have only learned to love him.
I no longer listen for his voice.
I listen to the wind.
  1. emma says:

    Trying to respond to this blog is difficult, save this one word: Amen.

  2. Just re-read this after our week at camp and Yup! I can empathise. Pip summed it up I think when she said it hurts that some of these kids never got to see us for who we are, didn’t want to know our hearts… But of course, the Holy Spirit does his work regardless and we are simply following in Jesus path when we’re misunderstood. And loving well means we do have to put boundaries in place. God sees and that is enough.

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