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Posted: January 22, 2014 in everything else

I realised that I feel like I need to have something worth saying in order to post it here. so you all don’t really get that much of a look into life. sorry…

maybe I’ll get better at this blog, time will tell, I guess.


try not to think about it…

Posted: November 9, 2011 in everything else

watching the office with my roommate and processing the weeks so far, and all of what’s to come.

working one full time job after being an intern was always going to be a challenge- the delights of living away from where i work and having time and space and resources to do things other than work, combined with the expectations and demands of a job… but then to add another job… even ‘just’ 14 hours… well, it’s tough. it’s demanding, it’s challenging, it’s … tiring, exhilarating, stressful, it’s a lot.

and i think i’m slowly getting used to the work load and the responsibilities, i’m not sure that i’m performing to my capacity on either right now, i know i drop the ball on a lot of things… and sometimes my enthusiasm for anything else wanes in the face of the bone deep weariness that comes with the end of a particularly long work day or week.

but i know that that will change and that this will get better, that i will articulate my needs and fears and strengths and weaknesses and.. and.. and it will get better. i will get better at this. and at defending myself in this.


and now… grey’s anatomy. soooooo… goodnight. i will be back again soon.

sitting in the treehouse coffeeshop in audubon with Ashley and Josh and Regine and we’re talking about which things are real and which are not…. I did my best to convince everyone that Hobbits really were real and that they lived in  Aberdeenshire.

anyway, so today is one of my few days off right now, and i am making the best of it… and do my best to fulfil a request, so Michael, this is for you. (sadly, my planner is still in the other house, so i’m bereft of notes for this… all from memory..)

(i need to preface this with the fact that we just made some new friends, Frankie and Bella, a single mum and her daughter who are regaling us with stories of their adventures since moving to this area, including seeing a hobo in the underground, spotting the new truck fads…)

warning- this super long, i’ll put a break in so it doesn’t take up the whole front page of this blog, but be warned, it’s a lot of writing. and not a whole lot of editing… ;)



after a fun filled thursday evening with my buddy Matt, Heather and i set off from LA on our grand cross country roadtrip. we had some half formed ideas of where we might go and who we might see, only a few definite stopping points, and lots of recommendations. we were only short on time. (we had allowed ourselves 5-6 days to travel the width of the US.) it was a glorious sunny afternoon when we set off, heading toward the Hoover Dam and Vegas. Arriving at the Hoover Dam, we met up with Willy and spent a fun couple hours wandering the dam, testing out a myth about how to get an elevator to miss all levels except the one you want, spotting mountain goats and at one point sitting wondering ‘where the frick did heather and willy go?’ before finding them on the stairs talking.

after some ramen making (and pouring into an urban trekkers nalgene, where it stayed for about 3 days. gross.) we parted ways, and hit the road again, aiming for Colorado. we were going to drive as long as we could and then camp out on the side of the road somewhere (we had a tent). After a pit stop somewhere on the Utah/Arizona border for food, an ice cooler, water and gas, we started out again.


well, it’s been a busy old time around here. we moved house, we cleaned like fiends, we celebrated a birthday or two, we had another week or two of camp, we prepared for the banquet, and now… it’s time to finis what we’ve started. tomorrow is the first day of the Banquet and we’ll be working hard over the next 48 hours or so to make sure that it runs smoothly.

there have been a lot of fun things going on recently, we had our first open mic night of the season, and the streetleaders performed, but for me, the best parts of the night were when Jesus and Ellen did a mash up of ‘your love’ and some other country song, and then Kent sang his song, ‘home’, which was freaking awesome!!! it was Kent’s birthday too, so we ended up hanging out (Jesus, Kent, Britani and Rae) for a little while after, playing music and just hanging out…

anyway… once again, sorry for the half finished post, but i have to go work on skits for a while…


Posted: September 24, 2010 in everything else

for not finishing that last post yet (and for the ridiculously long title… it’s annoying me a little!!), but i’ve just been having so much fun…

SO. i will get that finished and then tell y’all all about being in scotland for a week once i’m on my way back to the US. expect new posts next week. :)

just gonna stand there…

Posted: August 1, 2010 in everything else
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so, there are a lot of stories to tell, i think Lizzie and i are going to have a date at panera tomorrow, so i will try and write up some of those stories, but so i won’t forget:

-being mistook for a boy -making friends with an ex-prostitute -failing to find a geo-cache -finding some geo-caches -cycling -meeting random friends in philly -camp (there was something really awesome about camp, hopefully i’ll remember it soon…) -uhm….. other things. (becoming ‘mom’) -pizza with 7yr olds

for now, though, here are some overdue pictures…. some are fuzzy (indoors, or kids taking them) and i definitely lost a couple because one of my kids opened the back of the camera real quick…

oh, and you see those sweet streetleader t-shirts? i freakin’ helped design them!

‘pologies for the lack of comments. i’ll tell y’all stories soon. :)


Posted: July 15, 2010 in everything else

‘every time someone i care about says sorry to me, i know that’s not the last time they’re going to hurt me.

i was having a conversation with one of the streetleaders who i’ve been enjoying building a relationship with him all this last year, and he was telling me about how he was scared of relationships and of giving away his heart because of how much he’s been hurt- by his dad, girls… it was a really good conversation, sad, but truthful.

it’s been a really good week, we’ve had a week of crazy art classes, a 2.14am call from armenia to talk about hair, some really good conversations about life and love, and some chilled film watching of an evening. it’s a good summer so far, i’m excited to continue getting to know some of these people, continue to be challenged by them, share life with them for this time…

heather, jesus and i are watching the bucket list and i was struck by this line: you measure yourself by the people who measure themselves against you.

i’m also learning a huge amount from reading how (not) to speak of God. its just so full of… insight. truths. challenges.

and winnie just gave me a pair of basketball shorts… YES!

i really love people watching in panera. there’s usually at least one cute grandma type eating her soup and chips. several college students working away on their laptops, maybe a family or two out for some lunch, and then lizzie and i, each on our seperate tables, working away on our different things, contentedly enjoying the peace and AC away from the Urban campus.

i’ve been talking with some different people recently, about their lives, my life, just different things. it’s been interesting how often this idea of- this wasn’t where i expected to, but it’s good- has come up. relationally too, they may not be in quite the place they though they would be, but the possibilities that are opening up now are just so much more than they’d expected. our experiences really shape us into who we are. and i’m really grateful for this past year or that, for who these people have shaped me into, and i’m excited about how this summer and this next year is also going to shape me.

thank y’all for being part of this journey with me, for being willing participants, willing co-conspirators.. i really don’t know what will happen next, and i’m excited and scared. i think the transition out of urban (though it is a whole year away still) is on my mind right now, as i continue to make new friends, connections and roots in this area. phew. lots going on in my brain right now!

on top of which… i’m reading Peter Rollins book ‘how (not) to speak of God’. which is pretty intense. and then i have a Tolstoy (the kingdom of God is within you) to read after that… (michael, you moved away, i needed another person in the area to recommend and lend me books… but i think you’d really like kent. so you should come back and meet him. maybe in like, 2 years?! )

so, the old brain is getting a little overfull, and possibly overheated what with all the freaking sunshine we’ve had recently!

was what the sign read in the window of the shop about a block down from our new york apartment.

and that’s pretty much how it went on, we spotted a sharply dressed gentleman with an awesome moustache (i’m pretty sure he even waxed it- the tips looked way too pointy and upturned to not have had some help), went to a jazz gig, saw central park, checked out brooklyn, the museums… an awesome trip that i will tell y’all more about soon..

yesterday i picked up the first two back, Lizzie and Rachel, today the rest of the AD’s arrive… it’s exciting times here in Camden, NJ!

yes, we are so cool that we watch come dine with me.

however, there was neither dejection nor rejection today at our house when we had a wee leaving ‘party’. well, coffee and cake at our house. it was lovely!! :)

here are the cakes:

and a few of the guests:

and tomorrow morning at 9.10 am, i get on a flight to Philadelphia, via Paris.. :)