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Posted: December 15, 2012 in life, love
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these are about to go in the post. Christmas gifts for some friends. and though i hate spoiling surprises, i feel like it’s something that i really want to share right now.


so there you have it.


couple of really really awesome things that are making my life delightful right now…

-just finished up a week long training with Yes! And… Collaborative Arts. i cannot say enough good things about these people. it’s been a couple of years since i graduated uni, and since i’ve been around people who have a belief in and articulated ideas of using the arts in education. even just using the arts with kids in an integrated way. i had a week off beforehand, which was good, but i finished it still a little tired and bleh… a week with YesAnd and i was physically and mentally and emotionally exhausted, but more rejuvenated that i’ve felt in a long time. SO GREAT! (and now comes the beautiful challenge of integrating some of the things i’ve been learning into what program currently looks like.)

-jordan turned 25 on friday so we took some of the kids out to eat at friendlys, in the middle of the most glorious thuderstorm ever.

-Stornaway’s self titled album. just great.

-this video and this one

-reading book #10 of 13 in a series called ‘the wheel of time’. it’s a serious commitment, folks.

-being challenged by the thoughts expressed in “Pursuing Christ, Creating Art”. emmsy did a great job talking about some of these themes. it’s a dialogue in’m really interested in, especially as i, personally, feel like i cover a number of different artistic arenas- both the creation of art for a worship experience, and the facilitation of art for the enjoyment, experience, empowerment of those around me. and within that there are more tie-ins and different paths. so being challenged within all of that to see what it is that God is saying.. well. more things to think about.

-dinner last night was delicious. Britani and i went out and picked up some ingredients, (and an outfit for a skit i’m taking part in next week) and then wen our separate ways for a couple of hours (ostensibly to do some work… huh.) before meeting up to grill some delicious kebabs, eat coleslaw, grilled corn, grilled pineapple and drink wine.  it took a long time. we ate in courses, coleslaw and kebabs (chicken marinated in honey, yoghurt, lemon, lime and habanero, with veggies lightly tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper.) then corn, then, later, grilled pineapple. lingering over the delicious different flavours (Kohlrabi, celeriac, carrot, spring onion and raisin coleslaw) and taking our time over conversation… it was so great.


hanging with the boys in NY

Posted: August 3, 2011 in life, love
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so we took a house road trip yesterday[ahem. wednesday, a week ago.]. we drove three hours to Goshen, NY, to hang out with a friend and her daughter. they’re currently in the midst of moving to south jersey, gloucester and possibly our house. so that’s part of why we were up there.

the other part, well, kent’s never been to NYC before…

we spent most of our time in Brooklyn, where all the hipsters hang out, (cough.) though we ended up actually being in the real jewish community area, since the pizza recommendation we had was a little joint right in the heart of that area.

we explored prospect park a little, were asked to move along by a cop in a glorified golf cart, and took the pictures that need to be some kind of band cover art or something.

so… here is our night, in pictures.

so here. you have the pizza consuming part of the evening. however there are more delights to come, fear not.

this is the start of the ‘sneak king’ attack that rob and jesus surprised jordan with… lets just say, you all should buy burger king games for your room mates birthdays…

and this is my house. [not our actual house, we’re in prospect park.] these are the crazy mad fools i live with.

a homeless guy was talking to us and asked me, ‘so which one are you in love with, princess?’ and i, after laughing, responded, ‘all of them’.

and that’s it.


Posted: June 4, 2011 in life, love, people

so my friends asked me to take some pictures of them for their wedding stationary.. eeeehk. here are a few of the results…


so, after all the adventures of being on the road for a week, i got back to camden, met all the new interns, had a week to get settled back into life, get some more training, and then, i left again. this time, for 8 days to Scotland…

i was home so that i could be at the wedding of two of my friends from university. Debbie was one of my flatmates the four years i lived in Glasgow, and Paul became a friend in the last year of uni.

when Debbie told me the date of the wedding, way back in february or march, i knew that whatever else was going on in my life, i wold be in Linlithgow on the 24th of September to see my friends celebrate their love for each other. and so, they were the only focused point in my life, the only definite, in a world full of uncertainties… would i get a visa? would i be in the states come september, or would i be back in scotland? whatever else my life looked like, i was coming home for them.

and here we are. i’m still living in New Jersey, trying to make some kind of life, whether for the short or longer term, and so i had to make the transatlantic trip to see this pair tie the knot.

the week before i left, i was content, happy to consider making new jersey my home for the forseeable future, maybe not forever, but for a little while… and then i set foot in scottish soil, and now… well, now i want live in two places at once. you see, i have ties in the Uk, and those ties are longer and deeper and stronger than the ties i currently have in NJ. not to say that either lace is particularly better, or that i love one more than the other, nor am i saying that i am unhappy here, on the contrary, i love my life in NJ, but just that this is hard. that being in one place, but being in love with two, and watching my friends go on without me is tough. all this to say that i’m in a little bit of a muddle, but it’s a good thing. i get to be intentional with who and how i maintain relationships (letter writing will definitely be a BIG part of my life from now on, more so than before, i hope. i love letter writing.) and i get to mourn those that will, inevitably not get quite so much love or attention and suffer a little. but i am hopeful that this will only be an enriching experience and that my relationships on both sides of the pond will continue to shape, mould and grow me into the best version of me.

anyway, this is already the most wordy post i’ve written in a while, which, i have to say, feels good. but i do love pictures and i do have a few good ones from my trip. (thanks dad for letting me borrow your camera… and megs for taking some of these!)

(debbie and paul, if James hasn’t passed on your wedding gift from me yet, then consider this your sneak peek… i love you both and hope you enjoy this… )

there are better picures,but i liked this one.

and, i think, that concludes the pictures i took whilst home.

it’s been good. so good.

please, if you’d like to be one of the people that i write to on a semi-regular basis…. send me your address! (there’s a few of you that can’t escape that… ha.)


Posted: April 13, 2009 in life, love
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I’ve been reading through John recently, and on the last three days of the last (working) week, i read each of the other three accounts of the path from the last supper to the resurrection. 


through all the pain and suffering and shame that Jesus endured. 

and then yesterday, on Easter Sunday, i was honoured and privileged to go to church with one of my best friends. one of the girls with whom i have been ‘doing life’ these past four years. and it really was an honour. especially since this is nearly the end of the road as far as uni goes, as far as us living together goes, probably.. at least for the meantime. 

so it was beautiful to be able to sit next to her as she listened to jamie talking about the cross and why having Jesus in your life was a good thing and to be able to have conversations with her about why we pray, and what words of knowledge are and that God really does want to speak to people. 

whatever happens, i’m glad we could share that moment, that she got to be part of something that is so important to me, and that she actually enjoyed the experience… 

it was a humbling experience being able to meditate, at least somewhat, on the journey Jesus took, the weakness of His disciples, the fact that He knew Judas was plotting to betray Him, yet allowed him to partake of the bread and wine. i know that so often i have betrayal in my heart before i go up for communion, and i thank God that i am allowed to confess it and still be considered a daughter of the King. it just blows my mind. 


so. a few things have been going on since the start of lent… i’m off to the US of A in september for ten months (after that.. well, God knows), i habd in dissertation a week today (so why am i on here? procrastinator!) i’ve discovered just how amazing youtube is… there are some genius videos on there. been enjoying some new music. made some more things. enjoyed the friendship of a lot of people.. lots of life stuff. 

i’m sure you’ll hear more as i return (slowly, i hope) to this space… in the mean time, enjoy this video..


Posted: February 19, 2009 in everything else, love
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is an art that i have developed over three and a half years at uni. 

i suck at doing what needs done. 

i suck at prioritising uni work. 

and when i know i am not being productive, i tend to get moody. easily irritable. 

i’m listening to bon iver and just enjoying the flow of the music. the way it draws you in, and sometimes i need that. i need to remember to relax, to just take it easy and enjoy the time i have left at uni and in this state of there not being too much expected of me, and yet there being an expectation to do my best at what i’m pursuing. and while i’m sure i’ll get through it, get round to the work, that i do work better under pressure, there’s a certain point that i get to where i realise, this is not what God created me for, he didn’t create me so i could go about his work half-heartedly, but fully devoted. 

so the season of lent is coming up. and i’ve not decided which combination of things i am giving up/taking up as disciplines this year, but whatever they are, its all going to be God centred. at least, thats the aim. 

love God and love people.

quote unquote miss miller. 

today has been one of those lovely days filled with nice people and good conversations… 

dave and gordon, i will think of questions and post them here soon… but they deserve some thinking… :) 

that was all i wanted to say. 

here look at a photo instead: 

pretty ladies

i love…

Posted: January 22, 2009 in everything else, love
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people. especially the ones that i call my friends and family. 

music. especially by bon iver, band of horses, fleet foxes, jo mango, the frames, foy vance. and a lot of other people. including ben td. he’s a little bit awesome. 

glasgow. especially when you get days like today where it’s been mostly dry and you can get outside. even if its just to the gym (swimming, hurrah) or the shops (food, yum). 

new things. especially when experienced with friends. nomy and i got our respective hairs cut yesterday. that was nice, and then we went for coffee and that was even nicer, especially because nomy didn’t really appreciate the shoulder massage she got pre-hair-wash. ha ha. 

colours. lots of colours. 

God. especially when i take time to sit with him and listen. even if that sometimes means i cry. 

You. :)

i think i’m in love

Posted: January 4, 2009 in love

i got ‘for emma, forever ago’ by bon iver today and it is stunning. 

i think i loved the words for their poetry first… and then the music took my breath away. 


for emma, forever ago