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just in passing

Posted: November 10, 2009 in not much to say

i wantedto say hello, and sorry for not being here so much.. this week was pretty mental… we had the summit thursday/friday and then a weekend off- where most of the houses disappeared… (the people- to other cities, not the actual houses)

and so i feel like i have little to tell you, and less to show you, but i promise to be back soon with more exciting things to say…



no, i’m not leaving the blog world. but i am (oh,bad grammar) listening to new found glory. a remembrance of being a teenager. i’m hoping it’ll hekp me work better. so far, not so good. 


any good working music that you’d like to suggest?? or just any good music in general? i need help.

and you, my love, are gone.

Posted: December 19, 2008 in life, not much to say

ingrid michaelson is a beautiful singer/songwriter that debbie recently found on myspace whose cd we’ve all been listening to a lot.

today was a nice day where me and my mum spent some nice time together.. and i even get to go to a gig later on.. which is fun fun fun. 

but it was also sad, because kenny left us for berlin.. she’s off home to see the parents for the holidays. hurrah for them, boo for us. but also hurrah for us since its christmas and we’re all going home too… even if it is to edinburgh not newport… 

just a few thoughts i wanted to share. and maybe a photo or two. 

two leaves

stewartville street

keeps no record of wrongs

Posted: April 22, 2008 in life, not much to say
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listening to PFR. random, but it was on the parentals ipod when i was home and then mum gave me the cd – that she just spotted in the garage just as we were leaving for a bus…

its fun.

i’m in the middle of my first essay. i really want to write this one today. get one full first draft out of the way.

then vaccines on friday, a rescheduled class tomorrow (meaning i have to rearrange my whole life) meeting k-mac at some point, off to glenshee for le weekend (woooohoooo pakistan training) and… more essays.

its a hard life, the life of a student bum ;)

so i did it

Posted: February 2, 2008 in not much to say, people, religion/relationship
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i actually decided to move from blogger to wordpress.. and after changing my mind several times about the layout/url/etc etc, i think i’m a little happy about it now…

its been a long week this week, what with classes starting, 24/5 prayer, working, reading..

 i spent a lot of time praying on wednesday night- i was in the prayer room 11pm-6am. it drained me, but in a good way, i was really excited about the things that were going on- events happening next week, people just getting together to pray about their friends, family, the whole city.

God is just so good to me sometimes- there were things i was really convicted of that night, and things i had to recognise, which He just brought to my attention.. and He gave me the strength to get through it all.. i think i slept maybe 3 1/2 hours that night, but it was ok, i was awake and concentrated throughmy class and a conversation with emma (good chat btw, ) which was cool.. i ended the day on a bit of a caffeine rush, talking really really fast and fidgetting and laughing a lot, but thats ok..

so today i moved my room around a bit.. it looks good.. i was just not satisfied with how it was looking, did some french knitting, made bread, watched the end of gregory’s girl… pretty soon i’ll need to go and make some dinner (beans on toast, yum yum yum!!!) and then head off to work. ah, the joys. i’ve been on a bit of a crafting craze the past couple of weeks… maybe some day i’ll get my act together and photograph some of the stuff i make.. maybe not though..

my current project is a pompom mobile. it is going to be awesome. promise.

started reading surprised by joy, but haven’t got far cos i decided i needed to read a novel before another serious book (well, seriouser than a novel..) so i’m rereading tears of the giraffe (another excellent book) before getting properly stuck into lewis.

 i’m quite excited to go to church in the morning.. it should be good.. i enjoy church a lot most of the time.. sometimes its just too damn challenging, but mostly its a great time of fellowship with a bit of challenge thrown in… :)

anyway, i should get on.

oh, my parents just bought a house.. moving to edinburgh next month!

post … secret

Posted: March 25, 2007 in not much to say

i love the website postsecret. it makes me happy and sad and empathetic and silly and … everything all at the same time.

Jen still has my postsecret book.. i do want it back!

so, anyway, what am i going to talk about today? well, i’m trying to not get on with my placement essay, i can’t be bothered with writing proper essays just now. its a sunday evening and i don’t feel like working. i really really should.

its been a long week, just going from one thing to another to another. i don’t think i’ve properly rested this week, but i plan to try and get more rest time in in this next week.

i also love the postal service i think they are awesome

i am going to take karens advice and get up an hour earlier every morning and just spend it in time with God.. so, lets see how that works out.


knock knock

Posted: February 21, 2007 in not much to say

i totally got a new book for my bible-sermon-notes thing. it was free. from work. a sketchbook we were about to throw out. woo!
anyhoo.. so monday night, regina spektor- sooooooooooooo good! she was amazing. and, best of all we met my friends simon and ben there too, unexpectedly. so that was awesome and resulted in laura and i going to see the boys play last night at the 13th note. which was a lovelyt little gig. simon played beautifully as did ben. woop!!

uhm, i think thats all of my current banter, i shall write more next time i’m procrastinating or have an interesting topic to write about…. :)

i would be, i should be, so near

Posted: December 21, 2006 in not much to say

update: i have written one essay.
i (almost) saw two friends bands in two different venues in one night (i missed the first band because i got out of work too late, but i heard the last song through a call to erin as i was walking down the road)
i locked myself out of 25kersland for the first time this year
i got called a boy by a customer at work (er, have you had your eyes checked recently?)
i played rather a lot of mario-party in the last week

its been a good week.

mmmmmmmmmmmm.. smoothie

Posted: December 18, 2006 in not much to say

i bought cranberries yesterday because they were cheap and today i ate cranberry pancakes (with bacon and maple syrup, yum) and now cranberry, banana and orange smoothies (with some vanilla yoghurt and raspberry tea, yum yum.)

its a good day.

except for the essays. gargh.

the moment i said it

Posted: November 30, 2006 in not much to say

you should read this blog because he has a lot of good things to say and frequently says all the things i would love to think about, had i the time or was that sort of thinker.

won’t you come and say if you know the way

the world we have created for ourselves is so full of censure. we

aaaaaaagh. i don’t know what i’m trying to say.

sorry. i think i’ll just go sit in a corner.