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this weekend, and this week, have been full.

i’ve been surrounded by people- good, great, people but nonetheless, a lot of them.

i’ve been reminded to connect with the artist in me.

i’ve been reminded to be courageous.

i’ve been reminded that who i am is enough.

it’s been good, it’s also been pretty tough.

being at the summit, and just not knowing if i’ll ever see some of these people ever again… that was really hard yesterday. even if i only see them for two days, once a year, some of those people are precious for all that. because we are a family, we’re a community. and so i don’t mind giving up things for this family, i don’t begrudge the extra time. sure, sometimes i moan and complain about it, but hard work and long hours are in my blood, and when it’s something that i believe in, and somewhere that i love, and filled with people who believe in and love the same things i do… well, that’s just the icing on the cake.

i wrote some poetry, i made some art, i felt some connections.


it was good.

(i wrote this poem during one of the sessions when i should have been paying attention… but Jessie, from Miami, had given me such a powerful image that it just had to get out. so. here.)

(i couldn’t figure out how to get rid of the extra lines that keep getting put in there, so it’s a lot more spacious that i intended. well. that’s ok. the real spacing/ formatting is here)

a tree (inspired by Jessie. and Psalm 1.3, Jeremiah 17.8)

She will be like a tree planted by the river

sending her roots deep into the water.

She will be like a tree –grown from a seed, planted firmly.

She will be like a tree, strong trunk, firmly planted, weathering the storm, unafraid of drought, or heat, with roots… rooted in the deep.

rooted in the deep, deep water. wading through the shallows, cutting through the dirt, settled in the deep waters.


She will be like a tree grown by a river, ringed by sorrows.

ringed by joys.

fed on the dirt, the dank, the underbelly of the earth.

fed, rooted, planted in the dirt, in the reality of life, of community,

rooted through the throw-away, the decomposing, the shit. reaching deep, bringing forth the newness of life.

She is a tree, planted deep in the water.

currents move, things flow, seasons change and She.



She is a tree planted by the river with roots planted deep in the water.

heat and drought come, but She will still produce fruit.

ringed: ringed with life. ringed with the holy & the present & the mud & the dirt & the grime & the fruit…?

the fruit                       is good.

She is a tree, a tall, sheltering, productive tree, lined and ringed with a life fully lived.

planted firmly in the mire by a river, flowing, living, changing, and her roots go deep. and her fruit is good.


are a tree replanted in eden. bearing fresh fruit every month. never dropping a leaf. always





can you tell i’m back on a song-lyrics-as-titles kick? (i’ve done this a few times over the years, but it never lasts as a permanent feature.)

today has been productive so far. i’ve not showered yet, but i am dressed, and covered in paint. bathroom wall and ceiling paint. hurrah, i have finally got around to painting the bathroom. not completely yet, because we don’t have masking tape, til mum comes home with it, but the first coat is pretty much done. yaaas!

clearly, i’m a pro, i had my music all ready, and the tools…

more proof, (as if you needed it) that i really am a pro…

and before you ask, not a kit-kat, but the tesco free-from version of one…

anyway, apart from the excitement of actually getting around to doing something that needed done, i’ve had a really good couple of days. i saw a friend on friday who reminded me of just how much fun we had at uni and yet how much neither of us really want to go back to that time. this part of our lives is so much more, taking those lessons and running with them .

saturday, we as a family headed up to Newport, our old village, where my brain was taxed trying to remember the difference between lattes and cappucinos, but it was really nice to see old friends and just fit again. we had dinner in st andrews, a place with a lot of memories for me, so that was a great way to round out the day.

on sunday mum had invited the students from Gorgie to lunch, so there were (including us) about 17 or 18 people in our not-huge flat eating the chicken curry and veg lasagne that mum and i had prepped and cooked in the preceding days. really enjoyed getting to know some of the gorgie lot better, and one conversation prompted todays second listening choice, Grizzly Bear.

then, hurrah! i got to talk to my friends in the US of A. a fact which made me very happy, and gave me some food for thought, which i’m sure you’ll hear about in a little bit.

monday, i met up with another friend who has known me through uni and who was my president when i was on committee for J-Hill. she’s currently doing relay and thinking about moving to turkey for a year to do homestart. it was awesome to wander along the canal with her and to hear about her year, what she’s been learning, struggling with, rejoicing about, and generally how she’s been doing. it was really good to be able to be asked those questions in return and do my best to open up in honesty to her. because she’s already had a year of my life being able to ask those questions and expect honesty. so that was fun.

finally, like what you like. not because you’re supposed to. who cares what everyone else thinks?

(my mum thought it’d be fun to take pictures of me first thing in the morning. bedhead. great. thanks mum. )

wispa GOLD!

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i got a brilliant package today.

i also got pelted with acorns.

i also need to try and think of somrthing to do about the bible with my 6th grade class.

and tonight is intern class- yay for all the interns being together!

and this time next week, i’ll probably be in St Louis (if you want to contribute to gas costs.. please give me a shout…)

and this time in two weeks, i’ll be back in Scotland.

eeeeshk, that’s kinda weird and a bit scary, because…. i have no idea whats going on…

but also awesome, cos i am looking forward to seeing friends and family in Scotland again… but i  will be very sad to leave these kids, even for a little while, even into the capable hands of the other interns… but i am wearing my Scotland hat today… yay.

i think thats all for now… :)


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is a day for beards, and back rubs, and using a manual camera with black and white film that contains pictures of orphans from romania. yes. today is that day.

also, for having the word ‘poop’ written across your forehead.

i will aim to finish this film and develop it and post the pictures as soon as.

and i get to start making a new beard soon (yeah josh!)


oh, but the rest of life this past week? well, friday we went to the beach. and it was cold. and i read Grace (Eventually) by Anne Lamott and had to think quietly a lot. it’s an awesome book. i’ll send it to whoever wants to read it…

saturday, we went to NY for the day, hung out and wandered around in the rain… spent too much money at a comedy show in the evening that a few of us stayed back for, and then slept in a bit on sunday, spoke to some VERY important people back home (yay!!) even got to see a few of their faces (sorry if you weren’t one of thosse people. you’re still important) and generally slob around in my pj’s. then, instead of going to church i went to the downtown house and we made three bean chili and banana bread. and it was good. and so was the conversation. in fact, the conversation was so good, it was like church. though i’m beginning to believe more and more that just living with christians and doing life with christians is how ‘church’ should look. cos i know that church is not the building. it’s the people.

so, then the week started up again. and it’s been good so far. better because ellen and i discovereed that we’d each love to have a beard, for real, if it were possible and (for me anyway) i could grow one that was crazy.

yeah. that’s my life. :)


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so, since i’ve been in camden this last week and some, i’ve learnt a lot about what ‘community’ and especially ‘christian community’ means…

i read blue like jazz by don miller for the first time this week, and i’m currently reading a.j. jacobs book, a year of living biblically. both these books talk about how important it is for christians to have community.

europeans, myself included, like space. we like to know that we have (i’m obviously generalising, but whatever) a space in our homes where we can get some alone time, wher we won’t be disturbed, where we are the master of our lives. we generally tend to live in isolation too, to have flatmates, possibly, but to have completely seperate lives. and that’s not a bad thing, but i’m learning that the opposite can be just as valuable, and necessary. that when we share space, time and common purpose, and especially if we are intentional about it, making ourselves available, then we build so much deeper relationships.

so far, so good. we’ll see how the rest of the year goes. :)


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I’ve been reading through John recently, and on the last three days of the last (working) week, i read each of the other three accounts of the path from the last supper to the resurrection. 


through all the pain and suffering and shame that Jesus endured. 

and then yesterday, on Easter Sunday, i was honoured and privileged to go to church with one of my best friends. one of the girls with whom i have been ‘doing life’ these past four years. and it really was an honour. especially since this is nearly the end of the road as far as uni goes, as far as us living together goes, probably.. at least for the meantime. 

so it was beautiful to be able to sit next to her as she listened to jamie talking about the cross and why having Jesus in your life was a good thing and to be able to have conversations with her about why we pray, and what words of knowledge are and that God really does want to speak to people. 

whatever happens, i’m glad we could share that moment, that she got to be part of something that is so important to me, and that she actually enjoyed the experience… 

it was a humbling experience being able to meditate, at least somewhat, on the journey Jesus took, the weakness of His disciples, the fact that He knew Judas was plotting to betray Him, yet allowed him to partake of the bread and wine. i know that so often i have betrayal in my heart before i go up for communion, and i thank God that i am allowed to confess it and still be considered a daughter of the King. it just blows my mind. 


so. a few things have been going on since the start of lent… i’m off to the US of A in september for ten months (after that.. well, God knows), i habd in dissertation a week today (so why am i on here? procrastinator!) i’ve discovered just how amazing youtube is… there are some genius videos on there. been enjoying some new music. made some more things. enjoyed the friendship of a lot of people.. lots of life stuff. 

i’m sure you’ll hear more as i return (slowly, i hope) to this space… in the mean time, enjoy this video..

quote unquote miss miller. 

today has been one of those lovely days filled with nice people and good conversations… 

dave and gordon, i will think of questions and post them here soon… but they deserve some thinking… :) 

that was all i wanted to say. 

here look at a photo instead: 

pretty ladies

i just had an awesome weekend. father o’kenny mckenzie took our morning service as we walked round a bit of loch lomond. sadly, the rain started up again and so a pub was a much pleasanter option.. she’s promised me an evening service as well… think i might go to a real church instead.. :)

yeah, so this weekend we surprised kenny and took her away to loch lomond for the night, all six of us together- it was beautiful.. i’m sure debbie will have pictures up soon… but yeah, awesome cos it was a total surprise for k-dizzle. she had absolutely no idea- we’d told her (with collaboration from the awesome 4word crew) that we had a 4word/myt training weekend.. in balloch. which luckily she’d never heard of.. so, off debbie and laura went, laura to “work” and then grants place, debbie for lunch and to visit her grandad… me and kenny to the train station.. where i promptly had to pee- opened the huge silver box of a toilet door and there they were, four crazy girls with a big sign singing happy birthday. it was sooooo cool. i’m priviledged to have these girls as my friends and flatmates.

even though it did rain a lot of the time, we had lots of fun, a wee trip to luss, a nice pub dinner- with birthday cake as one of 4 (yes, FOUR) courses (man were we ever full.. but not so full we couldn’t eat sweets all evening too.. :) woohoo) and general banter, oh and the best bit-

 we stayed in a castle!! and we were in a TURRET! it was immense. it makes me smile a lot thinking about it. in fact this whole weekend, starting with friday night, makes me smile a lot. i love having friends and living in glasgow and the banter that goes on here…

i just feel so good right now, even if i haven’t done any work today. its been so good..