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this weekend, and this week, have been full.

i’ve been surrounded by people- good, great, people but nonetheless, a lot of them.

i’ve been reminded to connect with the artist in me.

i’ve been reminded to be courageous.

i’ve been reminded that who i am is enough.

it’s been good, it’s also been pretty tough.

being at the summit, and just not knowing if i’ll ever see some of these people ever again… that was really hard yesterday. even if i only see them for two days, once a year, some of those people are precious for all that. because we are a family, we’re a community. and so i don’t mind giving up things for this family, i don’t begrudge the extra time. sure, sometimes i moan and complain about it, but hard work and long hours are in my blood, and when it’s something that i believe in, and somewhere that i love, and filled with people who believe in and love the same things i do… well, that’s just the icing on the cake.

i wrote some poetry, i made some art, i felt some connections.


it was good.

(i wrote this poem during one of the sessions when i should have been paying attention… but Jessie, from Miami, had given me such a powerful image that it just had to get out. so. here.)

(i couldn’t figure out how to get rid of the extra lines that keep getting put in there, so it’s a lot more spacious that i intended. well. that’s ok. the real spacing/ formatting is here)

a tree (inspired by Jessie. and Psalm 1.3, Jeremiah 17.8)

She will be like a tree planted by the river

sending her roots deep into the water.

She will be like a tree –grown from a seed, planted firmly.

She will be like a tree, strong trunk, firmly planted, weathering the storm, unafraid of drought, or heat, with roots… rooted in the deep.

rooted in the deep, deep water. wading through the shallows, cutting through the dirt, settled in the deep waters.


She will be like a tree grown by a river, ringed by sorrows.

ringed by joys.

fed on the dirt, the dank, the underbelly of the earth.

fed, rooted, planted in the dirt, in the reality of life, of community,

rooted through the throw-away, the decomposing, the shit. reaching deep, bringing forth the newness of life.

She is a tree, planted deep in the water.

currents move, things flow, seasons change and She.



She is a tree planted by the river with roots planted deep in the water.

heat and drought come, but She will still produce fruit.

ringed: ringed with life. ringed with the holy & the present & the mud & the dirt & the grime & the fruit…?

the fruit                       is good.

She is a tree, a tall, sheltering, productive tree, lined and ringed with a life fully lived.

planted firmly in the mire by a river, flowing, living, changing, and her roots go deep. and her fruit is good.


are a tree replanted in eden. bearing fresh fruit every month. never dropping a leaf. always





jings crivens

Posted: December 17, 2008 in life
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my neighbours are doing diy. both the ones below and to the right- ie directly through my bedroom wall. fun stuff. 

that wasn’t why i was going to write here though. i was walking home from the shop today, and i was just praying and y’know, pouring out things to God the way you do when its already raining and dark… and i just got to the point where i was like, God, what do you have to say to me… and this song came on.. and just summed up what i was feeling and maybe a bit of what God was saying to me too. so i thought i’d share, since its a lovely song and Jars of Clay do know what they’re doing when they write… 


Be still
Let your hand melt into mine
The part of me
That breathes when you breathe
Is losing time
I can’t find the words to say
I’ll never say goodbye

And I’ll fly with you
Through the night so you know
I’m not letting go
I’m not letting go
Tears like rain fill up the sky
Oh my love
I’m not letting go
I won’t let you go

I saw a host of silent angels
Waiting on their own
Knowing that all the promises
Of faith come alive 
When you see home
Hold still and let your
Hand melt into mine


Shed your heart and your breath
And your pain and fly
Now your alive

Now you’re alive
Now you’re alive
Now you’re alive

I won’t let you go
I’m not letting go

what to do?

Posted: February 11, 2008 in life
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i’ve been perusing the various sites on the internet for a while now, looking at all the people doing things to help other people, by making shoes or by creating t-shirts, or just doing anything they can to raise awareness of how we damage each other.

there’s a lot of hope going around these days. nothing is hopeless. God is watching over us.

i’ve just started reading the problem of pain by cs lewis. its good so far. much better than cultural studies or writing a play.. oops.

talking of hope- billy was talking about that on sunday. it was good, i like to hear that even through the toughest times there is always the hope of something better, a way of behaving. in every fall there is a chance to get up again- just like eric liddel in chariots of fire- a film i love. genuinely. though its been ages since i last saw it…



it’s a great thing.