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someones always coming around here

Posted: November 3, 2013 in life
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i just spent the better part of the afternoon reachig out to the world… from the little cocoon that i’ve made of my messy room. still in my pj’s, but i called a lot of parents about the allnighter tomorrow night, and i wrote to people about the messy place that i’m living in with visa things.

anyway, i wanted to keep reaching out, right? and there are a few things that i was thinking about the past few days that are awesome, and i don’t want to forget them, nor their shiny beauty.

-shydel. one of my first camp kids. he would come around just itching for a fight. talking about knives and people who had made him mad. hurting for a listening ear, and a soft hand on his head, and someone to care. so tough. so young. so responsible. the caretaker of his beautiful younger sister. wearer of too-big hand me downs.

-an eighth grader this year, who wrote a stinking beautiful poem about love.

be patient / and kind and / loyal too. before / you say those / powerful words / i love you / love is strong / and powerful too / you see loves [in] people / eyes in relationships to / show they really love each other / words are so powerful / and we never know / what state of mind / someone is in at any / time. you choose your words, / but you cannot choose the / affect they will have / on people. always speak / out of love or your heart. / true power does not / crush others, but helps / them to see their own / greatness. 


-Jailene and Adrianna talking about apples on the way home last night: Adrianna wanted to know exactly where an apple came from, past a seed, where did the seed come from? Jailene ‘i don’t know the whole history of a apple!’ (apparently we should be covering that in high school or college or something.


that’s really all for today, exceot the sky is so blue out of my window, and the leaves so red, and it’s just so much beauty.



Posted: January 16, 2009 in life
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leaves as they were

so.. these are going to stay as they are for the foreseeable future.. 

i kept going to take them down.. but found i couldn’t. i might take some more photos soon, but as far as i’m concerned these can stay put.

and you, my love, are gone.

Posted: December 19, 2008 in life, not much to say

ingrid michaelson is a beautiful singer/songwriter that debbie recently found on myspace whose cd we’ve all been listening to a lot.

today was a nice day where me and my mum spent some nice time together.. and i even get to go to a gig later on.. which is fun fun fun. 

but it was also sad, because kenny left us for berlin.. she’s off home to see the parents for the holidays. hurrah for them, boo for us. but also hurrah for us since its christmas and we’re all going home too… even if it is to edinburgh not newport… 

just a few thoughts i wanted to share. and maybe a photo or two. 

two leaves

stewartville street