a reboot

Posted: July 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

well, it’s been a while- again.

I was at SUrf camp this week, which was a big mix of emotions and exhaustion and fun and spiritual challenge and rest and… all the things.

One night I sat with Ruth and Paddy and a gradually growing group of people, and we created a list: 30 before 30. Next June is my thirtieth birthday, and while that’s just another number, it’s sometimes quite nice to use arbitrary things to create a change.

so here’s my list. if you can help, holla at ya girl. (none of this is binding. it’s all ideas and goals and I’ll do as much as I can… probably.)

  1. get a new tattoo
  2. be working with young people in a permanent context
  3. go to South Africa
  4. go back to New Jersey
  5. take a pottery class
  6. make some art
  7. finish this years sketchbook project
  8. go to a gig
  9. go to some live theatre
  10. go to Shetland
  11. see the Northern Lights
  12. sign up for a star constellation
  13. take a Segway tour
  14. take an open top bus tour
  15. get a photo published
  16. skydive (!!!)
  17. stand up on a surfboard
  18. make some really fancy gluten-free pastries
  19. count to ten in Spanish
  20. go to a Turkish (?) plate smashing ceremony
  21. get on the radio
  22. go to DisneyWorld/Land
  23. go to a wine tasting
  24. make some extravagant donations
  25. go and see a spiritual advisor
  26. go to Scandinavia
  27. get a ‘borrow pet’
  28. (from Brian) commit to coming back to SUrf camp. forever.
  29. sleep out under the stars
  30. have a golden 30th party

and two bonuses, because we misnumbered…

-do the Romance Academy training

-be an extra in a film


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